Newark to Promote Second African American Fire Chief

Newark officials have announced the swearing-in ceremony of the city’s 2nd African-American Fire Chief early next week.

According to city leaders, Acting Fire Chief Rufus L. Jackson will be sworn in at 11 a.m., this Tuesday, at Clearview Baptist Church located at 314 Hobson Street, Newark.

A Newark native and 21-year veteran firefighter, Acting Chief Jackson began his career in 1995 and quickly moving up the ranks to become one of the youngest Newark Fire Division Deputy Chiefs in the history of the department at the age of 39 officials.

Newark's Mayor said, “The elevation of Rufus Jackson as Fire Chief is another step forward in our work to ensure that our public safety leadership is of, by, and from the Newark community,”. “It also represents the promotion of a well-respected, highly competent and experienced firefighting professional.”

“Rufus Jackson is highly respected as not only someone who rose through ranks but as someone who is dedicated to serving the people of Newark,” Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said.

The ceremony will be held at the Clearview Baptist Church located at 314 Hobson Street.