Newark Police Investigates Alleged Abuse of Baby at Newark Daycare

Newark Police are investigating a woman’s claim that her 6-month-old daughter was bruised after allegedly falling down the stairs at an unlicensed daycare in Newark according to an exclusive report initiated by CBS-News NYC.

According to the report, Anari Ormond said a toddler also bit her daughter Zuri on Nov. 12.

The daycare facility is a single-family home on Eastern Parkway. Ormond said she did not know the daycare was unlicensed at times, according to a statement made to CBS.

Ormond claimed that the facility has more than ten children, which exceeds the limit allowed not to have a state license.

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families released the following statement to CBS: ​ "Our records do not show an operating license or registration for J&A Nursery in Newark. Please note that Family Child Care Homes are permitted to operate in New Jersey, without a license, if they are caring for five or fewer unrelated children. However, if programs wish to receive federal subsidies, they're required to register with DCF and comply with applicable regulations voluntarily.

Providing care for more than five unrelated children requires a childcare center license, and operating without such a license may subject the operator to prosecution."