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Newark Narcotics Investigation Leads to Four Arrests; Over $10K in Cash Seized

By kcora on

As a result of two plainclothes investigations by Essex County sheriff’s detectives and officers from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, four suspects were arrested and $2,000 in heroin and more than $10,000 in cash was seized.


According to authorities, officers from the Bureau of Narcotics Monday evening were driving their unmarked vehicle through the intersection of South 19th Street and Avon Avenue in Newark where they observed Ronnel Hope Green, 25, standing on the corner as he counted items contained in a black plastic bag.


Officials said that due to their experience and training, detectives suspected the items to be heroin-filled glassine envelopes.  When the detectives moved in to further investigate their suspicions proved to be correct when Hope Green was found in possession 74 decks of heroin and $65 in alleged drug sale proceeds.


The second incident took place Friday, when federal/county law enforcement task force conducted surveillance operations at the intersection of Newark’s Irvine Turner Boulevard and Alpine Street.


Police said at that location, detectives encountered two drug distributions operations, one by a solo male suspect and another by a male suspect and his female accomplice.


According to officials, both drug operations employed a parked Honda vehicle which was used as the ‘stash’ for the narcotics. While the female, later identified as Alya Evans, 37, remained in her vehicle, both males operated on the sidewalk and were seen engaging passersby in conversation which resulted in exchanging items for cash.


Authorities said further investigation, determined Kevin Rogers, 33, was in possession of 211 heroin-filled glassine envelopes and a search of the vehicle that he and Evans had traveled in revealed $10,040 in cash in the glove compartment.


Their competitor, suspect Robert Cobb, 25, was found to be in possession of 79 decks of heroin.


“It was imperative that we and our federal partners shutdown these competing distribution rings operating in the same exact location as gunfire is often the end result in a fight for territorial rights,” Sheriff Fontoura pointed out.


Officials added that all four suspects are from Newark.


Authorities charged Hope Green with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and was also found to the subject of an open Superior Court warrant for contempt of court. In addition, police charged Rogers, Evans and Cobb with possession of CDS, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possession of CDS with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of Malcolm X Shabazz School and possession of CDS with intent to distribute within 500 feet of a public housing complex. Rogers and Evans were also charged with conspiracy to violate New Jersey’s narcotics laws and Rogers was found to the subject of 7 open warrants issued by the municipal courts of Newark, Elizabeth, Linden and Union Township.


According to officials, the three male suspects were lodged at the county jail where they await bail hearings. Evans was released on her own recognizance and will be arraigned on June 14th.