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Newark Man Receives Life Sentences for Serial Child Abuse


By: Richard L. Smith 

Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens, II announced a significant court ruling where a 42-year-old Newark man was handed two consecutive life sentences plus an additional 50 years on Friday, May 3.AdDue to the sensitive nature of the crimes and to protect the victims' identities, the man's name has not been disclosed.

The conviction came after the defendant was found guilty on December 15, 2022, of all charges in a 27-count indictment.

The charges included multiple counts of aggravated explicit contact, explicit contact, and endangering the welfare of three children, ages 7 to 13, during the period of the abuse.

The prosecution of these crimes fell under the Jessica Lunsford Act, which mandates a sentence of 25 years to life for those convicted of aggravated explicit contact against victims under 13.

The court learned that the older two victims were too frightened to come forward for years until they discovered the abuse of the youngest child.

Their testimonies and that of their mother were central to the case, revealing the prolonged and devastating impact of the abuse.AdThe sentencing, handed down by Judge Carolyn E. Wright, reflected the gravity of the offenses and the courage of the victims to confront their abuser.

Assistant Prosecutors Deborah Freier and Daniel Nicholas, who led the trial, commended the bravery of the victims and their mother for their solidarity and strength throughout the judicial process.