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Newark Drug Trafficking Investigation Leads to Two Arrests

By kcora on

An investigation into drug trafficking in the neighborhood of the Wynona Lipman Gardens housing complex resulted in the arrests in of two suspected drug dealers, one of whom was wanted for questioning in a Newark shooting.

Officials say Derrick Jones, 22, and Jameel Harley, 40, were arrested by members of the Essex County Sheriff’s Bureau of Narcotics on Mar. 1st at 5 p.m. near the intersection of 7th Avenue and Stone Street blocks.

According to authorities, detectives observed Harley enter the complex in Chevy Trailblazer at a high rate of speed. Jones entered the car and soon handed Harley a wad of cash in exchange for a black bag. The men drove off and stopped twice, and exited the vehicle, before detectives apprehended them.

Officials say the black bag was in clear view, sticking out of a makeshift compartment in the driver’s side door.

In it, detectives found 409 decks of heroin, stamped with the names “New Arrival,” “Ferrari” “Route 46” and “15W,” and a total of $537 in small bills, which were confiscated as drug proceeds.

Police charged Jones and Harley with nine counts of possession and intent to distribute drugs, including dealing within 500-feet of public housing and schools.

Evidence belonging to Jones was handed over to Newark police investigating a shooting in the area, which has seen an uptake in violence recently.