Newark Domestic Dispute Ends in Pistol Whipping

Police officials in Newark announced the capture of a man who was wanted for an aggravated assault with a handgun during a domestic violence incident.

According to a statment released by Newark Police officials, Mr. Sylik Jackson, 27, was arrested Wednesday afternoon when a detective spotted him going into a bodega near the intersection of Hillside and Clinton Avenues.

“This was good police work by our Special Victims Division,” said Ambrose. “He was captured before we had a chance to put out a public alert.” according to Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose

Officials say Jackson also had an outstanding warrant and was wanted by the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Director Amborse, the incident for which Jackson was arrested happened late evening June 3rd when he got into a verbal confrontation with a male member of his household, which then ended when Jackson hit the man in the head with a handgun.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident