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Newark Cheerleaders Volunteer at Cranford Senior Living Facility

Newark Cranford

While you slept overnight, our staff were notified that the girls from **Candy Elite All-Stars**, based out of Newark (Youth 2 Candy Crush), had ventured into the city of Cranford to give back to the Union County senior community.

The young ladies from Candy Crush chose The Cranford Rehab & Nursing Center to volunteer their time by creating arts and crafts with the senior residents according to a spokesperson for the cheer group.

"This was such a beautiful day of intergenerational arts as the seniors spoke wisdom to the young cheerleaders from Newark while the team participated in making cheer bows for the young ladies' upcoming cheer season," the spokesperson said.

The young women, as well as the residents, enjoyed the time and looked forward to connecting with other activities in the future.

Excellent job ladies and thanks for opening our "NJ NEWS WHILE YOU SLEPT, IN A MINUTE" platform this Saturday morning.

RLS Metro Weekend Crew❤