Newark Charter School Educators Positively Recreates "JuJu on that Beat"

On Thursday December 8th after school, a group of educators at the University Heights Charter School in Newark joined together to do something positive with a song that has become a viral sensation on social media.

According to one of the educators' they decided to change the lyrics to 'JuJu on that Beat" and created their own dance moves to reflect a positive spin for the schools' scholars.

The educator said, the original lyrics to the song aren't the greatest and since it's a viral sensation, it appeared that every child in our building is tuned into it.

"The original song doesn't align with the school's core virtues which are, respect, accountability, caring & honesty, so as educator's in the building we decided to change it to give our scholars a different view at how something negative can easily be changed into positive" the educator said.

"We really did this to show our scholars that learning is fun and that's its cool to "REACH" for new heights".

"This video is a great example of the love and dedication that radiates from the hearts of UHCS's staff and administrators alike. It's our hope that this video will inspire our students to continue to reach for greatness"!

"We love our students and we would do anything to positively encourage them" the educator continued.