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Narcotics Investigation Leads to Arrest of Two Alleged Drug Dealers, a Suspected Buyer in Newark’s South Ward

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As a result of an extensive narcotics investigation yesterday in Newark’s South Ward, Essex County sheriff’s detectives arrested two alleged drug dealers and one suspected drug buyer.


Sheriff Armando Fontoura stated that a surveillance operation Tuesday afternoon was prompted following numerous neighborhood complaints of open-air drug trafficking.


According to authorities, shortly after 2 p.m., detectives observed Kasheem Kelly, 33, of Newark, and Rashad Zeigler, 31, of Newark, loitering in front of 120 Sheppard Avenue. Soon after they were approached by Nasier Jackson, 19, of Newark, police added.


After a brief conversation, Jackson handed Ziegler an undisclosed amount of paper currency and was directed to Kelly who unlocked the trunk of a parked 2012 Chrysler and removed items from the car.

Upon receiving the items, Jackson walked from the scene as detectives followed close behind.


Officials said Jackson was stopped on Bergen Avenue and upon questioning, he turned over two small plastic bags of marijuana and was placed under arrest.


Returning to the scene of the alleged narcotics sale, Kelly entered the driver’s seat of the Chrysler while Zeigler entered the front passenger seat of a 2003 blue Honda Accord. Detectives simultaneously approached the two cars, removed Kelly and Zeigler from their vehicles and placed them under arrest.


According to authorities, moments after placing both Kelly and Zeigler under arrest, the detectives observed a purse under the driver’s seat of the white Chrysler containing multiple small red jugs containing a white rock like substance which were positively identified as crack-cocaine.

In addition, detectives also recovered 20 envelopes containing Heroin and a large clear zip bag with 41 small clear zip lock baggies containing Marijuana inside the trunk of the white Chrysler.

A further search of Kelly discovered him to have $639 in U.S. currency on his person, while a further search of Zeigler discovered him to have $11 in U.S. currency. The white Chrysler was further searched later and was discovered to have $130 in U.S. currency in its back right passenger seat.


In total, the detectives recovered 182 jugs of crack cocaine, 41 bags of marijuana, 20 decks of heroin, as well as $780.00 in suspected narcotics proceeds.


Police charged Kelly and Zeigler with possession of a controlled dangerous substances, possession with intent to distribute CDS and conspiracy to violate New Jersey’s narcotics laws.


According to authorities, Kelly and Zeigler are currently being lodged at the county jail where they await bail hearings.