Gunfire Rang Out Overnight Near Newark Park

Authorities in Newark are investigating a shooting that occurred near a park in the city last night.

Over hundred people attending an outdoor basketball game scrambled for safety after hearing several rounds of gunfire that rang out near the Clifton Avenue side of Branch Brook Park at around 9:30 pm.

A video that surfaced on the internet of the incident showed the panicked crowd and referees run for their lives from the basketball court shortly after halftime of the game when, what appeared to be gunfire, was heard in the area.

Police units arrived at the scene where they began to search for injured victims and shell casings on and around the basketball courts.

Officers canvassing the area did not locate anyone struck by gunfire and are attempting to determine the exact motive for the shooting. It is not clear where the shooters were or whom they were aiming. The video did not show a person with a gun.

Police have not confirmed if the basketball game had anything to do with the shooting.

The investigation is active and ongoing.

Newark, NJ, 07107