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Monmouth County Authorities Warn Juveniles About Jumping Off Route 35 Bridge into the Water for Fun

By rlsmetro on
Monmouth County

**The following is a message from The Neptune Police Department:**

"Over the summer, the Neptune Township Police Department has responded to numerous calls for service involving people (usually teens) jumping into the water from the RT 35 bridge and the train bridge.

This type of call occurs every summer, and once again we need to remind everyone not to jump off this or any other bridges. We don't wish to stop anyone from having fun, however, we think most would agree that the dangers posed outweigh the fun.

You might be saying, "what's dangerous about jumping into the water, I did it all the time growing up!" Here are just a few reasons why this isn't the best idea:

• The Shark River Inlet is subject to strong tidal currents which are even stronger surrounding the bridge supports.

• Large submerged rocks and bridge supports are all over the area underneath the bridge and can be impossible to see due to the tide and dim light.

• Boat traffic is heavy underneath the bridge, and the low light increases the chance of being struck by a passing boat.

• Vehicle traffic on the bridge itself is always heavy and fast-moving vehicles have less time to stop for pedestrians.

• Trains are operating 24/7 and constantly passing by at a high speed, posing an extreme danger to any pedestrians on or near the tracks and bridge.

• The bridge, train bridge, and surrounding property are the property of NJ TRANSIT, New Jersey Department of Transportation, and private owners, making the bridge jumpers subject to trespassing laws.

• When a passing motorist calls 911 to report a person about to jump off of a bridge, a large emergency response begins immediately as the dispatcher is not able to differentiate between kids jumping into the water for fun and a much more serious incident until first responders actually arrive on scene.

We understand that "kids will be kids", there are plenty of ways to have fun at the shore in the summertime besides jumping off of bridges, especially in such a dangerous spot! Stay safe, and enjoy the rest of your summer responsibly".