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Millburn Officer Cleared of Wrongdoing after Making Racial Slurs While Investigating Nanny Cam Case

By kcora on

Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray announced today that the Professional Standards Bureau of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has reviewed Millburn Detective Colin McMillan’s conduct during the investigation and trial of Shawn Custis.

Custis was convicted this May of severely beating a woman in her Millburn home in 2013. It was determined that McMillan’s comments, which were captured on the “nanny cam,” did not rise to the level of criminal conduct.

McMillan, who was one of the first officers on the scene, described the defendant, whose identity was unknown at that time, using a racial slur and other derogatory terms.

The investigation has been returned to officials in Millburn for consideration of administrative charges.

IMAGE: Is of Shawn Curtis