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Maplewood Soul Food Restaurant to Operate in Three Walmart Super Stores in Pennsylvania

By rlsmetro on

Maplewood's Cornbread soul food restaurant is slated to expand its operation in three Walmart stores in Pittsburgh.

According to Black Enterprise writer, Ms. Selena Hill all three restaurants are expected to open this year with and the first establishment opened on July 5th in the West Mifflin Walmart.

In an interview, Black Enterprise writer Selena Hill noted that founder of the establishment, Ms. Adenah Bayoh confirmed the expansion and congratulated her staff for making it all possible.

“This expansion is the culmination of two years of hard work by my co-founder, Zadie, and our amazing team,” said Adenah Bayoh, an entrepreneur who opened Cornbread with Elzadie “Zadie” Smith in 2017, in a statement. Together, the women privately funded Cornbread’s $1.3-million-dollar startup costs with a sole private investor. The farm-to-table eatery specializes in traditional soul food dishes that are prepared fresh using steroid- and hormone-free ingredients.

“Cornbread was born out of a vision and belief that we could create a space where friends and family can enjoy soul food that is also healthy and where we invest in our employees,” said Bayoh. “We also wanted to ensure that our food was accessible, which is why this collaboration with Walmart is so important Bayoh tod Black Enterprise writer Selena Hill.

Responsible for employing dozens of people in northern NJ, Black Enterprise writer Selena Hill said Bayoh owns three IHOP franchises in the state and said she aims to make fresh soul food easily accessible to a variety of communities. “It was important to me and my partner, Zadie, to make sure that hardworking families could come to our restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and feel good about what they are eating,” she said. Ultimately, she plans to turn the restaurant into a franchise according to Selena Hill.

Nearly 40 jobs are expected to reach Cornbread-Walmart partnership in Pennsylvania according to founder Adenah Bayoh.

**INFORMATION CREDIT:** Black Enterprise Writer Ms. Selena Hill

**IMAGES CREDIT:** Cornbread's Facebook page