Man Violently Attacked, Carjacked During Internet Purchase-Exchange in Orange

Authorities in Orange are actively searching for two suspects who violently attacked then carjacked a man in the city during an internet/cell phone initiated purchase exchange on Saturday evening.

As details regarding the incident continue to develop, according to preliminary reports, police were called to a parking lot located in the 50's block of Main Street at approximately 6:10 p.m. to investigate reports of an injured person at that location.

Orange Police officers arrived and were told by the victim that while attempting to exchange a possible purchase of an internet streaming device -Roku- two male suspects arrived in a vehicle then placed two guns to his head and ordered him to lay on the ground according to reports.

During the encounter, one of the suspects began to violently beat the victim in the head with the gun while the other suspect fished through the victim's pockets in search of cash and other items reports said.

The suspects took several internet streaming devices, the victim's wallet -that contained an unspecified amount of cash- a cell phone, and keys to the victim's grey 2004 SE2 Pontiac with a reported NJ license plate number "A16-HLT" where one of the assailants sped away from the scene immediately after the robbery.

The second suspect reportedly entered a vehicle waiting at the scene and operated by a female.

According to reports, one of the suspects was approximately 5'10" tall, light-skinned and had short dreads. The suspect was observed with a dark-colored Adidas jacket.

The remaining suspect was reported to be a dark-skinned male with long dreads and a full beard.

The vicitm did not suffer any severe injuries according to reports.