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Man Suffers Severe Head Injury After Falling From NJ Transit Bus in Bloomfield


Passengers on board a NJ Transit bus in Bloomfield were horrified when they witnessed a man fall out of a bus earlier in the week.

According to a statement released by NJ Transit Officials, the incident happened at around 4:50 p.m. Monday at the intersection of Broad and Liberty streets -bus number 4677- a male customer lost his balance while paying his fare and fell out of the bus; slamming his head onto the concrete and caused massive bleeding from his head and ears.

NJ Transit officials say during the unidentified customer’s fall, he made contact with the doors which opened causing him to fall outside the bus.

Witnesses on the bus told RLS Media that the man was indeed attempting to make the payment, but the driver began to accelerate during the process, where the man stumbled then fell.

A woman who was crossing the street during the incident said she heard the loud sound of the victim’s head hit the pavement then observed him began to seize. The woman dialed 911 and comforted the ailing man.

NJ Transit Officials say Bloomfield police and EMS arrived on scene and transported the customer to the hospital for treatment.

There were no other injuries to the operator or the 25 customers on board according to NJ Transit officials.

The incident remains under investigation.