Woman Enters Newark Hospital Suffering Bulllet Wound in the Stomach

Police searched a section of South 18th Street for a crime scene after a female victim was transported by private vehicle to a Newark South Ward Hospital suffering a gunshot wound this afternoon.

According to a preliminary report, police were called to The Beth Israel Hospital at approximately 1 p.m. when a female victim was dropped off by private vehicle suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Just prior to the victim making his way to the emergency department, police received reports of shots fired that rang out in the 900 block of South 18th Street where officers arrived at the location and found evidence that a shooting occurred, but a thorough search indicated no victims according to reports.

Police are trying to determine if the victim suffered his gunshot wound on South 18th Street.

A crime scene unit arrived at the hospital to process the vehicle that transported the victim.

The condition of the victim could not immediately be confirmed.

UPDATE: This was a female suffering non-life threatening injuries.