Man Charged with Using Camera to Look Up Woman’s Skirt Inside Union Store

According to a statement released by police, on July 12, a female was shopping in a store on Rt. 22 when she realized someone was following her around the store.

Police say the woman caught the man kneeling behind her with his cell phone out and was using it as a camera to either take videos or photos under the woman's dress.

According to police, the woman confronted the man who walked away and left the store. The woman followed the suspect outside and got his license plate as he got into his car and drove away.

A follow-up investigation by Detective Michael Theissen led to the suspect being identified as Stephen Grogan, who we arrested for the same type of crime in July 2018.

Detective Theissen was able to gather enough evidence to charge Mr. Grogan with the criminal charge of invasion of privacy.

Police say Mr. Grogan surrendered to us and was arrested on August 1st. and has also been arrested by other police agencies for the same type of crime.