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MAKING IT EASY: Thief Steals Car Left Running for Over 10 Minutes in Bloomfield


By: Richard L. Smith 

Police in Bloomfield are looking for a thief who easily made off with a vehicle left running and unattended for quite some time in a section of the Township. 

According to Bloomfield Police officials, on December 7,  officers responded to an address on Dodd Street to investigate a stolen motor vehicle report.  

Upon arrival, Bloomfield Police said the owner parked his 2013 VW Passat on Dodd Street and walked away.   

When he returned, approximately ten minutes later, Bloomfield Police officials said the vehicle was gone.  

The vehicle was left running with the keys left inside, giving the alleged thief east transportation to get home or use the car for felony crimes in the region. 

Bloomfield Police entered the vehicle in a stolen vehicle database while detectives launched an investigation.