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Lockdown, Search at Union Catholic High School After Gun Found

Scotch Plains

By: Tracie Carter

Union Catholic High School, located at 1600 Martine Avenue in Scotch Plains, was the center of heavy police activity this morning as cops searched and secured the premises.  Ad

Authorities confirmed the discovery of a gun inside the school premises, prompting an immediate lockdown as law enforcement officers conduct a thorough search for the student responsible for bringing the firearm into the building.

In a precautionary response, all educational institutions in the Scotch Plains and Fanwood areas have been placed under a 'shelter-in-place' directive until further notice.

Sources say that the suspect was possibly being bullied by a person in a nearby town.   

The Fanwood Police Department has stated that they are providing necessary assistance to the Scotch Plains PD during this critical situation.

While the investigation remains active and ongoing, details are sparse.  

Authorities have not released additional information at this juncture but have committed to providing updates as the situation unfolds.  

The community is advised to stay alert and await further instructions from local law enforcement.