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Livingston Hospital Walk-in Gunshot Victim Injured in Newark

Livingston Newark

Police in Newark are attempting to ascertain and confirm the location of a shooting that had a gunshot victim enter a hospital in Livingston overnight.

According to a preliminary investigation, officials at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston contacted police when a male victim entered the emergency room suffering gunshot wounds around 9:50 p.m.

Police say the victim told Livingston police that he suffered his gunshot wound at a location in Newark before coming to St. Barnabas Hospital.

Newark Police officials are trying to determine if the victim was injured in a shots fired incident that occurred in the vicinity of 41 Ridgewood Avenue just fore 9:30 p.m.

Police say in that shooting incident, gunfire rang out in the South Ward community, sending police to the scene to investigate. When officers arrived, they found a home struck by bullets, but no victims were located.

According to police, two black males fled in a dark-colored vehicle immediately after the shooting.

Police say there was another incident on South Orange Avenue and Sunset that could be connected to the hospital walk-in victim.

There were also shootings in two other locations in Newark where no victims were immediately found on Monday.

The investigation remains active and ongoing.