Linden Firefighters Go Beyond Call of Duty to Show Elizabeth Bully Victim Support

An Elizabeth mother expressed her gratitude towards the Linden Fire Department for their support towards her son, a victim of bullying that led to an assault yesterday.

According the child's mother, (her son) Jonathan Moran (a high functioning Autistic child) was assaulted while on the bus where he suffered minor injuries to his face, lips, and mouth after a confrontation that began during his morning bus ride to Lincoln School (a special education school in Cranford) and continued a second time during the afternoon hours.

According to witnesses, a group of students began calling Jonathan names and making fun of his sneakers shortly before the group of students began to punch him in the face.

The Linden Fire Department responded to the incident and treated Jonathan at the scene.

Instead of allowing Jonathan to return to the bus, members of the department transported Jonathan house.

Jonathan shared with EMT's some of his hopes and dreams for the future during the ride home.

Later on in the evening, members of the Linden Fire Department returned to Jonathan's home with gifts that included a brand new pair of sneakers, that members of the department collected cash among themselves to purchase), an American flag, and a 'your mothers favorite fireman' shirt to remind him to stay strong and not allow bullies to ruin his day.

Thank you LFD for going beyond your call of duty to make an impact in the community.

  • Note: Jonathan, an Elizabeth resident, attends Lincoln in Cranford as an out of district placement for their special education program.