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Life Threatening Injuries for Man Found Shot in the Chest in Trenton

By rlsmetro on

Police reported grave injuries for a person found shot in the chest in a section of Trenton Saturday morning. 

The Mercer County Prosecutor's Office was asked to assist in a shooting incident at 901 Brunswick Avenue.

Officers found an unidentified person suffering a bullet wound in their chest at that location. 

The unconscious and unresponsive victim was rushed to the regional medical treatment, according to authorities. 

The suspect fled the scene and is at large. 

There were no other injuries reported.


UPDATE 5:42 a.m.: The victim has died from their injuries. The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is now the lead agency investigating.

Officials said in a separate incident Friday morning, two men were killed in Trenton after gunmen fired multiple rounds at them. Saturday’s shooting death is the 35th homicide in Trenton for 2021.