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Kenilworth School Superintendent Accused of Defecating at Holmdel High School Football Field, Track

Kenilworth Holmdel Twp.

Officials after setting surveillance at Holmdel High School football field and track have charged Thomas Tramaglini, 42, with defecating on the field.

According to authorities, track coaches and staff at Holmdel High School initiated an investigation after human feces had been found on a daily basis on or near the football and track field.

Officials on Monday, arrested Tramaglini, on the athletic field. Police charged Tramaglini with lewdness and littering. He is due in municipal court in Holmdel on Monday. 

Kenilworth Board of Education issued the following statement last night on social media:

“Earlier today, we learned of municipal court charges facing our current superintendent of schools in Holmdel, NJ. Given the nature of those charges, he asked for and was granted a paid leave of absence. (Leaves can only be without pay in the face of indictments or tenure charges, as a matter of state law.)”

“Effective immediately, Brian Luciani, our Director of Academics, will assume the responsibilities of the office of superintendent of schools. The Board of Education wants to assure faculty and staff, students and parents, that the district will continue its responsibilities without interruption. Every day, and especially during challenging times, we are fortunate to have veteran administrators and other dedicated professionals on whom we can rely. “

We will continue to keep the community informed.

The Kenilworth Board of Education