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Kenilworth Resident Returns Home, Interrupts Burglary


A Kenilworth home burglary was interrupted when a resident returned home from work.

According to authorities, on Dec. 26th police responded to the 500 block of Newark Avenue for a report of a burglary in process.

Upon arrival, officers met with the resident who told them he interrupted a burglary in his residence when he arrived home from work at approximately 9 p.m.

The resident told police that after he exited his vehicle, he noticed a 20-foot ladder propped up against the back of his residence leading to the second floor. The resident immediately heard a loud noise coming from the east side of the house and noticed a male coming out of the living room window according to police.

The resident confronted the mask-wearing male, who ultimately caused a struggle in the driveway, at which point the suspect reached up and struck the resident twice with a silver colored adjustable wrench.

The resident got up and chased the suspect around his residence and last saw him running east through the backyards heading towards S. 24th Street. Police searched the surrounding area for the suspect but yielded negative results.

According to authorities, the suspect is believed to have entered the residence using a neighbor’s ladder to gain access and enter the residence through an unlocked second-floor bathroom window.

The suspect was not inside long before he was alerted to resident’s arrival home because nothing appeared to be stolen or disturbed at the time.

Officials described the suspect as a black male, approximately 5'6" tall, and was last seen wearing grey sweatpants and an olive green colored sweat jacket.

Kenilworth Police detectives are investigating.