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Jersey City Lottery Winner Accused of Running Drug-Dealing Operation Out of His Million Dollar High-Rise Condo

By kcora on
Jersey City

A 53-year-old Jersey City man who made headlines after he won the lottery twice within one year is now facing 37 charges, including multiple counts of illegal guns.

According to authorities, on Dec. 16th sometime after 7 p.m., James B. Callahan was arrested following a traffic stop on Sussex and Greene streets.

Officials say police stopped Callahan in his Jeep Wrangler because it had one license plate but ultimately seized nearly 350 prescription drug pills, a bulletproof vest, a magazine with ammunition and at least two weapons, an assault firearm and a handgun.

Detectives subsequently expanded their investigation to Callahan’s high-rise unit the next day, where they seized 85 grams of cocaine, three marijuana cigarettes and 14 prescription drug pills. In addition, detectives extended their search to a Grand Street storage unit where police ultimately seized six unregistered weapons that included a Glock 19 9mm handgun, the Walther PPK .22 handgun, a Tactical Solutions .22-caliber rifle, a modified LRWC International M6A2 carbine 5.56 mm assault firearm, the Smith and Wesson .22-caliber revolver and a spring-loaded zip gun.

Police also arrested Cindy Sanchez-Medina - Callahan’s 22-year-old live-in girlfriend - who was charged with seven drug offenses.

Officials say Callahan first made headlines on Nov. 27, 2015 when he won $613,104 and then again on Nov. 7, 2016 when he won another $75,854 in Jersey Cash 5 prizes.

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