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Irvington Township Partners with Medical Group, Housing Authority to Test Residents for COVID-19

By rlsmetro on
Irvington Township

Irvington Township Mayor Tony Vauss and Carmelo Garcia, Director of the Irvington Housing Authority, have partnered with Salerno Medical Associates to provide COVID-19 testing to Housing Authority residents.

According to a statement released by Irvington Township, Mayor Vauss and Garcia determined early on that the residents residing in the Housing Authority were at a high risk of contracting COVID-19, and therefore, required additional protective measures.

Garcia hired an outside company to conduct a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of each building three times per day, which includes the use of a technological microbial disinfectant solution that kills the Corona Virus for 90 days.

Mayor Vauss has dispatched a specialized unit of law enforcement officers to the buildings multiple times per day, seven days a week to ensure social distancing measures are being followed.

Mass testing is the next natural step to ensure the safety and protection of residents.

“Testing is the only way to simultaneously protect high-risk residents, curtail the spread of COVID-19 and begin discussions surrounding reopening the Township.

This testing must be done in large groups that represent various segments of our population in order to be effective.

Our goal with mass testing is to identify those who are asymptomatic carriers of the virus and to isolate them from the rest of the population until they are negative,” said Mayor Vauss.

“In our continued efforts to protect our most vulnerable residents, we wanted to be proactive given the Mayor’s priority on contact tracing. We’re grateful to partner up with Dr. Salerno and the Township as we are hopeful that this impactful work will save lives and make a difference,” said Garcia.

Salerno Medical Associates maintains an office in Orange, New Jersey, and have been working in partnership with Accurate Labs to provide testing via mobile sites. Testing in the Irvington Housing Authority buildings will be taking place on-site through mobile testing sites created by Salerno Medical.

Testing is scheduled to be conducted from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on the following schedule: (1) 624 Nye Avenue on Friday, May 8th; (2) 81 Nye Avenue on Saturday, May 9th; (3) 101 and 141 Union Avenue on Sunday, May 10th; and 2-14, 119-121, and 125 Crescent Lane on Monday, May 11th.

Residents will be notified via various communications platforms and will have sufficient time to register. Additional testing days may be added, if necessary.

The Township has requested that all questions be directed to the Business Administrator, Musa Malik, at 862-400-1117.