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Irvington Township Man Accused of Residential Burglary in Maplewood


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By: Richards L. Smith 

Authorities have confirmed the arrest of a local individual by Maplewood Police following a residential burglary incident that occurred on August 21.

According to Maolewood Police, officers promptly responded to an unoccupied and vacant residence located on Tuscan Street after receiving a report of an unidentified person being present inside the property.

Upon arriving at the scene, Maplewood Police officers discovered that the rear kitchen door of the residence had been left open.

Inside the property stood an African American male, who has since been identified as Mr. Romario Francois of Irvington, holding a knife.

With a swift and measured response, officials said Maplewood Police officers skillfully engaged with Mr. Francois, urging him to comply with their instructions to set the knife aside.

The situation unfolded without any further complications and Mr. Francois was apprehended without incident.

Following the resolution of the incident, Romario Francois was officially charged with both Burglary and Criminal Mischief.

Subsequently, he was transferred to the Essex County Correctional Facility. 

Fortunately, no injuries were reported in connection with the incident