Hopewell Twp. Officer Rescues Dog That Fell Through Ice

A dog named Nisel was saved after he fell through the ice at a Pennington Harbourton Road property.

According to police, officers responded to a Pennington Harbourton Road property for the report of a dog that fell through the ice in a pond. The dog was unable to get out of the pond on its own. https://www.facebook.com/HopewellTwpNJPolice/videos/1462311023866133/ Officers Robert Voorhees and George Peterson, along with Hopewell Valley Emergency Services and Pennington Fire Company personnel arrived at the scene to assist the dog’s owner.

Officer Voorhees volunteered to be fastened to a rope and crawled out on the edge of the ice towards the dog whose name is Nisel. Nisel swam towards Officer Voorhees who grabbed her by the collar.

Officer Peterson and Specialist Dave VanDoren then pulled Officer Voorhees and Nisel to safety.

Nisel and her owner were happily reunited.