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Hoboken and Englewood Cliffs Students Triumph at Model United Nations Meet

Bergen County Hudson County

By: Richard L. Smith 

In a remarkable showcase of skill and diplomacy, Caroline Ko from Hoboken and Natalie Yoo from Englewood Cliffs clinched the Best Delegate award at the Bergen Academies Model United Nations conference, adding to the Academy of the Holy Angels' impressive tally of MUN accolades.Real EstateRepresenting Turkey, the duo excelled in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues Committee, competing against large committees with 30 to 90 members during the event held on February 1 and 2 in Hackensack.

Yoo, an experienced MUN participant and one of the senior co-presidents at AHA, and Ko, a junior vice president engaging in her first MUN conference, demonstrated exceptional teamwork and perseverance.

Jennifer Cucchisi, the AHA MUN Moderator, praised their hard work and the significant preparation that led to their success.

The Academy's delegation was robust, including students Victoria Perez Vega, Carina Ardizzone, Taylor Glynn, Lilianna Garber, and Cara Boyce, who represented countries such as Turkey, Sweden, and Ukraine across various committees.

Aha Yoo and Ko’s achievement was a highlight of their extensive preparations and contributions to the conference.

Model UN has been a transformative experience for Yoo, enhancing her confidence and sparking a deep interest in global politics.

She credits her growth in public speaking, leadership, and diplomacy skills to her involvement in MUN, as well as to the mentorship of Caroline Dupas, a former delegate who inspired her.

Ko, who joined Model UN in ninth grade out of curiosity, found an invaluable mentor in Yoo. She attributes her rapid progression and success to Yoo’s guidance, describing her as an exceptional speaker and mentor.

Ko's approach to the conference was to learn and absorb as much as possible from the experience, a strategy that culminated in their winning the Best Delegate award.Real EstateThis victory not only highlights the individual talents of Yoo and Ko but also underscores the supportive and enriching environment fostered by the Academy of the Holy Angels and its MUN program.

The students' achievements reflect their dedication to understanding and addressing global issues, showcasing the positive impact of Model United Nations on young minds.