Heavy Winds, Thunderstorms Down Trees in Union County

A torrential summer storm that passed through Northern New Jersey on Saturday afternoon brought strong winds and heavy rain that had trees, power lines and street signs crashing to the grounds in parts of Union County.

Officials at Accuweather said the fast-moving storm arrived in the Essex-Union County area at approximately 4:55 p.m. and began to dump heavy rain creating flooding on Route 22 and other streets around the region.

Union Police said they received over two dozen phone calls reporting down trees and power lines, but there were no injuries reported. Residents on Evergreen Parkway reported several large tree limbs down while and firefighters responded to the railroad tracks near Gifford Court to investigate a transformer fire.

Residents in Scotch Plains were notified to stay indoors while the storm passed due to flooding and down trees around the city.

No serious injuries were reported in Scotch Plains.