Gunmen Fired Shots That Struck a Male near McDonalds in East Orange

East Orange Police are on the search for a suspect who fired multiple times on a street in the city that struck one person on Friday night.

Officials would not respond to request for public information but according to residents in the area of Central Avenue and Shepard Avenue said they believe consistent open-air drug trafficking that occurs every day is to blame for a shots fired incident which connected on an unidentified person shortly before 10:55 p.m.

East Orange Police officers arrived at the scene and taped off the area where they collected evidence and searched for a possible suspect.

Residents say Shepard Avene near Central is a 'busy' area for drug interactions that happens on Central Avenue then quickly filters into residential communities where buyers and suppliers use homes to go unnoticed by authorities.

The condition of the gunshot victim was only reported as severe and the investigation into the shooting remains active and ongoing.

Police have not officially released the motive for the shooting.