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Elmwood Park Elementary School Closed After People Report Feeling Sick

Elmwood Park

School officials announced the closure of Gantner Elementary School in Elmwood Park today after several people have been reporting feeling ill since Wednesday while in the building.

According to Superintendent Anthony Grieco, on Wednesday several students reported feeling ill which ultimately led to an evacuation. The following day, the school reopened, but six staff members left sick - including two who were transported to the hospital where they were treated then released.

The school has since been tested for any traces of carbon monoxide, but none have been detected.

As a precaution, officials announced that the schools would be closed today to perform additional tests, to ensure the safety of students and staff.

School officials added that so far test to the combustion in the boilers have been tested and everything is working properly.

The school’s HVAC unit was also repaired and inspected last night. An independent environmental company is expected to perform air quality tests to possibly determine the source of the problem.