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DIY Deception: Ingenious Home Depot Heist Leaves Bloomfield Police Searching for Thieves


By: Richard L. Smith 

Bloomfield Police are on the search of two cunning thieves who executed a slick heist, stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools from a local Home Depot.

RLS Media learned that this unusual theft occurred last week (January 4th) at the Home Depot located at 60 Orange Street, where officers were called to investigate an interesting case of shoplifting.AfThe store's Loss Prevention Officer provided a detailed account of the incident.

In a deceptive move, the thieves skillfully removed a toilet from its box and filled the empty packaging with a variety of valuable tools.

Bloomfield Police said their haul included Milwaukee batteries, DeWalt batteries, and a Combat drill kit.

The crafty duo then resealed the box, proceeding to pay a mere $106.60 for what was presumed to be just a toilet by the cashier.AdUnbeknownst to the store at the time of purchase, the stolen items tucked inside the box were worth a staggering $4,450.00.

The Bloomfield Police are now rigorously investigating this incident, calling for public assistance in identifying and apprehending the suspects responsible for this brazen theft.