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Commercial Township Man Sentenced to 35 years for Manslaughter, Desecration of Human Remains

Commercial Township

Superior Court Judge Michael Silvanio sentenced William Eisenhardt, 32, to 35 years in prison after Eisenhardt pled guilty to beating a man to death in 2015.

William Eisenhardt of Commercial Township pled guilty in March to first-degree aggravated manslaughter and second-degree desecration of human remains for the death of Mr. Christian Gibson, 20.

Officials said Eisenhardt was in the kitchen of the house he shared with his mother when he hit Gibson with a blunt object and stole drugs from him on Aug. 27, 2015.

After the initial strike, Eisenhardt covered the still alive Gibson with a sheet and left the house, according to reports.

Authorities said that Eisenhardt's mother discovered Gibson's body when she came back home later that day. Gibson's cause of death had been extensive head injuries.

According to reports, two days later police arrested Eisenhardt. A jury then indicted him on a murder charge in 2016.

Officials say the sentencing was 30 years for the manslaughter charge and 5 years for the desecration charge to run consecutive to the 30 years. Eisenhardt must serve at least 25 1/2 years for the manslaughter charge before he is eligible for parole.