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Car Crashes Through Window of Downtown Newark Grocery Store


Police in Newark are looking into a crash that caused non-fatal Injuries overnight in Newark's downtown.

It happened at approximately 1:10 a.m. where a car somehow lost control and slammed through the window of Atlantis Fresh Market located in the 80's block of Murray Street, -at Broad Street- a Mobile gas station store.

Emergency responders rushed to the scene where they arrived to find the damaged car inside the supermarket.

According to officials, a search of the vehicle indicated no trapped occupants upon firefighters arrival.

Atlantis Fresh Market and Mobile Gas Station are two of the newest establishments and much-needed gas station in the upper portion of Broad Street located just before you get to the ramp to Route 1&9.

There were no severe injuries immediately reported and The Newark Police Department is leading the investigation into the cause of the crash.