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BREAKING: Newark Public Schools’ Bus Involved in Downtown Newark Crash


By: Jeff Sommes

A male suspect was taken into custody after a crash involving a school bus in downtown Newark Wednesday morning. 


The collision happened in the single-digit block of Branford Street around 9:46 a.m. 

Preliminary reports from our field reporters indicated that the driver of a speeding vehicle attempted to go around the Newark Public Schools Bus and then struck the vehicle and a second car on the busy street. 

It did not appear that the bus was severely damaged. 

Nearby Newark Police officers swiftly jumped into action and apprehended at least one occupant inside the severely damaged car. 


About 16 students and adults were on the bus, but none suffered critical injuries. 

One person was transported to University  Hospital for treatment due to an eye injury after glass entered the person's face.

It is not clear what school the students attend at this time. 

Authorities have not confirmed a police pursuit.