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BREAKING: Dramatic Car Crash Leads to Fiery Scene in Union Township

Union Township (Union)

By: Richard L. Smith 

This afternoon, Union Township residents  witnessed a dramatic car crash in the area of 920 Galloping Hill Road, which resulted in the vehicle bursting into flames.

Cold Stone Police were quickly dispatched to the scene after receiving reports of the accident.

Upon arrival, emergency responders were met with a car fully engulfed in flames following a high-impact collision with a pole, accompanied by downed wires across the residential street.


Miraculously, it appears the driver managed to escape without injury.

However, firefighters at the scene are meticulously checking the vehicle for any possible trapped victims, ensuring no one is left at risk amidst the wreckage.

As the blaze is being extinguished, the cause of the crash remains a matter of investigation by the Union Township Police.

This incident has rattled the local community, drawing attention to road safety concerns in the area.