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Bloomingdale Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Suspects Wanted for Alleged Kidnapping of 17-Year-Old


A weekend traffic stop in Bloomingdale lead police to the arrest of three Paterson men and a 16-year-old boy accused of kidnapping a 17-year-old out of Butler at gunpoint.

According to police, on Dec 16th at approximately 10 p.m., Det. Steven Smith observed a silver four-door Toyota Camry speeding on Hamburg Turnpike heading east. The vehicle suddenly turned into the Quick Chek parking lot and drove to the rear of the lot and eventually exited onto Bailey Avenue and turned back onto Hamburg Turnpike heading east.

Det. Smith was able to initiate a motor vehicle stop of the vehicle on Hamburg Turnpike. In speaking to the driver and three additional occupants, Det. Smith observed signs of use of a Controlled Dangerous Substance and had all the occupants removed from the vehicle.

With the assistance of Ptl. Sami Zeidan, a search of the vehicle was conducted, and some bags of suspected C.D.S., specifical marijuana were located. Also, the officers also found some items commonly used to package and distribute C.D.S.

Police arrested the driver, Kevin Alarcon-Marmol, 22, of West Milford, and passengers, David Rivera Jr., 19, of Paterson, Ariel Francisco Rodriguez, 25, of Paterson and a 16-year-old juvenile male also out of Paterson.

Also, police located a cell phone in the vehicle that none of the occupants claimed.

While at headquarters it was later learned that the unclaimed cell phone had recently been stolen.

In contacting the owner of the phone, a 17-year-old juvenile out of Butler, it was then learned that juvenile had been abducted at gunpoint by four individuals who had been driving a silver four-door vehicle.

The phone had been stolen from the juvenile who had been forced into the vehicle and was later pushed out of the moving vehicle. He suffered minor injuries.

Although no weapon was initially located in search of the vehicle, in a subsequent search of the area near Quick Chek, a semi-automatic handgun was found, and the Passaic County Sheriff's Office CSI unit was dispatched for processing the weapon.

The handgun was found to have been stolen out of California back in 1993.

All individuals in the vehicle were charged with kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault, theft, distribution of C.D.S., possession of C.D.S., possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, possession of a weapon while conspiring to distribute C.D.S. and a 2nd charge of aggravated assault for pointing a weapon.

A judge ordered Alarcon-Marmol, Rivera, and Rodriguez to at the Passaic County Jail while the juvenile suspect was transported to a juvenile detention facility until he faces charges in family court.