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Bloomfield Undercover Operation Nets Arrest of Prolific Thief


By: Richard L. Smith 

The Bloomfield Police Department conducted a successful undercover operation in the vicinity of Halcyon Pond, Bloomfield, which led to the apprehension of a suspected thief.

Nino During this operation, an alert resident took swift action by calling 9-1-1 to report a package theft, setting off a chain of events that ultimately resulted in an arrest.

The suspect in question, identified as Ms. Bonano, was swiftly located within the area by an undercover police officer.

Police say Ms. Bonano readily admitted to pilfering the stolen package.

As detectives delved deeper into their investigation, they managed to connect Ms. Bonano to several other thefts in the neighborhood, with the stolen goods amounting to nearly $500.

Subsequently, Ms. Bonano found herself in handcuffs, facing multiple charges related to the thefts.

These charges were formalized with the issuance of a warrant, and the suspect was subsequently taken into custody.

Her journey through the criminal justice system began with transportation to the Bloomfield Police Department headquarters. Eventually, she was relocated to the Essex County Correctional Facility.

The collaborative effort of law enforcement officers and the watchful eyes of residents played a pivotal role in cracking down on this alleged criminal activity.

The success of this undercover operation serves as a testament to the commitment of the Bloomfield Police Department in maintaining the safety and security of the local community.