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Bloomfield Police Pursue Vehicle Carjacked in East Orange

By rlsmetro on
East Orange Bloomfield Irvington Township

A pursuit of a vehicle that was reportedly carjacked out of East Orange had Bloomfield and East Orange police departments follow the vehicle early this morning.

Police in Bloomfield came across the vehicle in the area of Bloomfield Avenue and Conger Street at around 1 a.m.

Officers attempting to pull the vehicle over had the driver speed off at a high rate of speed according to reports.

The fleeing vehicle sped it's way back into East Orange where city police joined the pursuit in the area of Park Street and New Street.

Refusing to stop, the carjacked vehicle continued to speed along, eventual making it's way into Irvington where police broke off the chase in the area of Springfield Avenue near Elmwood Avenue.

At least one East Orange police cruiser was damaged after reportedly crashing in the area of Maybaum Avenue at Tremont Avenue.

Police were not able to catch the suspects involved in the pursuit.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.