Bloomfield Fire Department Hosting Leadership and Supervision Training Course

BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- Over the past month and continuing through March, the Bloomfield Fire Department will conduct leadership and supervision training for all its Fire Officers.

Each member will learn enhanced leadership skills and abilities during this 32-hour course.

The course covers the following areas; transition to supervisor, team building, effective communication, ethics, authority & responsibility, incident investigation process, decision making, change management, thinking analytically, politically & critically, and elements of leadership.

“I would like to commend the members of the Fire Department for their commitment to bettering themselves and undergoing this extensive training,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Unfortunately, we have seen a rash of fires in town recently, but thanks to the professionalism of our Firefighters, EMS workers, and assisting Police Officers, we have been able to control these fires without any residents being injured.”

“Providing high quality training to our members is one of the department’s top priorities. We are working hard to enhance our department,” said Fire Chief Louis Venezia. “We will continue to follow the best public safety practices, prioritizing resident safety.”

"The Rodgers Group has been proud to provide trainings for the Bloomfield Fire Department under the leadership of Chief Venezia, and we admire the department's commitment to bettering themselves and protecting the residents of Bloomfield," said Christopher J. Cotter, Consultant for the Rodgers Group and a former Fire Chief with the Summit Fire Department. "By completing this comprehensive leadership and supervision training, the fire officers of the Bloomfield Fire Department are well positioned for continued individual and organizational success."