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Bergen County Students Honored with Kindness Award

Bergen County

By: Richard L. Smith 

In a touching ceremony at the Academy of the Holy Angels, six students were recognized for their exceptional qualities of compassion and care during the annual year-end prayer service on June 6.AHAThese students received the prestigious Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award, celebrating their impact on the school community.

The awardees include Gabrielle Ross of Teaneck, Casey Ramos of Bergenfield, Mikhayla Herrera of Tenafly, Vivianne Van Ost, Joanna Lee, and Mia Zalewski.

School officials said each student has demonstrated remarkable traits that embody the spirit of Sister Catherine Green, a revered School Sister of Notre Dame who taught religious studies at AHA from 1982 to 2014. Sister Catherine is remembered for her attentive listening, encouraging demeanor, and her constant, ready smile.

Gabrielle Ross, known for her uplifting presence and ability to make others laugh, has particularly stood out among her peers.

Described as the embodiment of a true angel, her joyful demeanor has left a lasting impression on those around her.

AHA Casey Ramos, celebrated for her mindful and genuine approach, brings enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to the community and resonates deeply with her peers.

Mikhayla Herrera is appreciated for her helpfulness and inclusive nature. Her genuine smile and selfless demeanor make her a favorite among her classmates.

Vivianne Van Ost is recognized for her caring and polite nature. She provides a supportive ear and thoughtful advice to her friends.

Joanna Lee is known for her kindness, inclusivity, and sense of humor. Her friends value her ability to offer comfort and support.

Lastly, Mia Zalewski is praised for her radiant personality and leadership. She often senses the needs of others and responds with kindness.

Each of these students has not only carried forward Sister Catherine's legacy but has also set a powerful example for their peers, inspiring a culture of kindness within the Academy.