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Bergen County Residents, Check Your Jersey Cash 5 Tickets

By kcora on

One lucky winner hit the Jersey Cash 5 jackpot of $1,225,505 Thursday night.

Executive Director Carole Hedinger said the top prize

winning ticket was the only one sold for Thursday’s drawing that matched all five numbers drawn.

The winning numbers were: 03, 12, 15, 31 and 36.

“We are pleased that the winning jackpot ticket was sold at HK Circle Mini Mart,” said Hedinger. “For selling this ticket, the retailer will receive a bonus check for $2,000. Overnight, it has become one more ‘lucky location’ for the very fortunate lottery winner.”

Hedinger also noted that 9,153 other players won $243,985 in cash prizes in the Thursday drawing. For correctly picking four numbers, 247 players won cash prizes of $483 each, and for correctly matching three numbers, 8,906 players won $14.00 each.