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Bergen County Middle School Grandparents’ Day: Hugs, Smiles, and Memories

Bergen County


“By: Richard L. Smith 

Holy Angels comes alive on Grandparents’ Day.

On May 16, students from the Academy’s middle school shared heartfelt hugs, warm smiles, and animated conversations as they welcomed their grandparents to this special event.

Visitors enjoyed lunch, a tour of the school, and a prayer service.

The service included welcomes from AHA President Melinda Hanlon and Middle School Dean Traci Koval, and music by the AHA Middle School Chorus, a student violin duo, and AHA Performing Arts Director/pianist Dan Mahoney. Eighth grader Allison crowned the statue of Mary, which has been a May tradition for centuries.

Sophia, Jaime, and Erin shared personal reflections about their grandparents.


Sophia spoke about how grateful she is for her grandparents, who watched over her while her parents worked, and continue to support her by bringing her to school and attending her dance practices and competitions.

Sophia noted that her grandmother still makes sure she is eating healthy foods, monitors her height on a wall in her home, and takes time to make chicken soup when Sophia is not feeling well.

Jaime spoke about how inspirational her grandparents are, and how they have encouraged her to pursue her faith and avocations.

She pointed out that there are cultural and linguistic barriers in her relationship with her grandparents, but they are still able to share happiness even if Jaime cannot understand everything they say.

She added that there are not enough wordsto express her love and appreciation, and shared a few words in her grandparents’ language.

Erin recalled the passing of two of her grandfathers and one of her grandmothers.

She shared how her grandfather used to provide assistance with homework and share snacks. Erin remembered her grandmother, a bus driver, who would take her on rides.

This student confided that she saved her grandmother’s last voicemail: It was an invitation to go somewhere together.


Erin’s remaining grandmother, who was in attendance, is a math teacher and “massive role model” for Erin. The two enjoy sharing meals in a local diner.

“You can depend on them,” Erin said of grandparents in general. Then she added, “Put your phone down. Talk to your grandparents.”