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Bergen County Authorities Warn of Increase in Vehicle Thefts

By kcora on
Bergen County

Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal is issuing a public advisory for county residents.

During the past month, there has been a rise in motor vehicle thefts occurring in the overnight hours throughout Bergen County. Residents are advised to be aware of subjects entering their driveways to steal vehicles.

Local police departments are aware of the crime spree and are actively investigating.

During this crime spree, actors looking to steal vehicles check door handles to determine if a vehicle is unlocked. If the keys are left in the unlocked vehicle, the actor(s) simply enter the vehicle, start the vehicle, and drive away.

If the vehicle is unlocked and no keys are left in the vehicle, actor(s) remove valuable items left in the vehicle by the victim, and then target the next available vehicle.

On two occasions, multiple vehicles have been stolen from the same home. During the last month, there have been 30 incidents in 19 Bergen County towns.

To reduce your risk of becoming a victim, residents should do the following:

* Don’t leave keys or remote key fob in unattended vehicles.

* Lock your vehicles

* Do not leave any valuable items in plain view inside your vehicle.

If there are any suspicious individuals lurking around a driveway at any time during the day or night, residents should immediately contact your local police department.