Belleville’s Mayor Announces First Fatal Victim of Coronavirus

Belleville had its first fatality last night linked to the coronavirus.

Mayor Michael Melham extended his deepest sympathies and condolences to the family, whose identity is not being released at this time.

There are 16 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Belleville, with test results pending for four other residents.

For all confirmed cases, the Belleville Health Department performs “Contact Tracing Interviews,” and is in contact with anyone who may have interacted with individuals testing positive for coronavirus.

All participating in these interviews are asked to be self-quarantined.

“I am sharing all we are allowed to share,” the mayor said.

“To that end, I’m urging ALL residents to go beyond the Governor’s Executive Order and Shelter in Place and avoid social gatherings.

The faster we all Shelter in Place, the quicker all of this will be over.

If you are ‘out and about,’ you are not only putting yourself and your family at risk but our highly valued first responders.”