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Bayonne Woman Sentenced to 8 Years for Strangling Her Husband with Lamp Cord


Michelle Hurley, 48, of Bayonne has been sentenced to eight years in prison for strangling her husband, David Hurley, 50, with a lamp cord in September 2015.

According to reports, Hurley has to serve 85% of her sentence before she is eligible for parole.

During Hurley's first trial, the jury convicted her of aggravated assault and weapons offenses but was hung on homicide charges, according to officials. In her second trial in March, the jury convicted her of reckless manslaughter.

Officials say that Michelle Hurley apologized to the victim’s family. She said she would never forget the night she brought about the death of her husband.

Reports say that around the time of the conflict, David and Michelle Hurley were in the middle of a divorce and had separate bedrooms.

Attorney Christopher Patella, the representative for David Hurley’s family, praised Hudson County Assistant Prosecutors Sal Rozzi and Erika Bertuzzi, according to officials.

“Michelle Hurley will now move on to state prison for the remainder of her sentence. State prison is a much more difficult institution than the Hudson County jail," he said. "Each day will be hell, and she deserves to be in hell for her actions.”