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Authorities Investigate Assault , Attempted Robbery at Belleville Valley National Bank ATM


By: Yuritza Arroyo/Richard L. Smith 

IMAGE: Google 

Belleville Police are looking for several suspects wanted for an attempted robbery of a bank ATM patron early Wednesday morning. 

According to authorities, officers were initially notified of a report of a robbery in the area of 327 Washington Avenue (Valley National Bank). 

Belleville Police officials said the victim reported that he observed a red Mercedes Benz C300 circling the area near the ATM.

Police say the victim made a deposit via the ATM and as he entered his vehicle, the Mercedes Benz accelerated toward him.

The suspect struck the victim’s parked vehicle pinning him between the two cars.

According to officials, the suspects all reportedly wore ski masks and one of the assailants motioned as if he had a gun.

No words were exchanged and the suspects did not exit the vehicle.

Officials say the victim was not injured in the aggravated assault.

The victim reportedly followed the suspects’ vehicle south on Washington Avenue until he contacted the police.

Police canvassed the area with no results. 

The suspects are only described as four black males wearing ski masks.