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Atria Tinton Falls Chef Helps Bring National Nutrition Month to Life

Tinton Falls

For senior adults, dietary needs and tastes can change over time. 

But good nutrition in our senior years can be fun, enhance our sense of purpose, and improve our health and overall well-being. Bring in some of the best chefs in senior living, and a recipe for happy living comes to life.

Atria Senior Living, a leading operator of senior living communities across the United States and Canada, is marking national nutrition month with daily inspiration to stay healthy and create nutritious habits. 

Daily advice throughout March ranges from a challenge to eat vegetarian for a day or a week and encouraging ways to swap sugar for healthy alternatives. 


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Helping bring that nutrition to tasty reality are the chefs at Atria communities across the country.

"Food brings people together. That's what drives my passion for being a chef. The dining table is where connection, memories and good food all come together," Atria Tinton Falls' Chef Michael Douglas said. 

"When our residents gather for a meal, they enjoy healthy, flavorful fare and time together with friends."

For Atria's residents, nutrition matters beyond the freshness and choice of ingredients on their plate. 

Nutrition makes a difference in how older adults continue to thrive and pursue active lifestyles. 

Metro Media Institute Summer Camp

Adrienne Bedell at Atria Tinton Falls says, "I look forward to going to the dining table since Chef really knows our tastes. There is variety and fresh, seasonal ingredients to make Chef Mike's unique menus pop with flavor."

Tastes and food preferences change as you age, which is why Atria chefs intentionally consider how to incorporate herbs, aromatics, sauces and texture balance into the menu offering.

"Every cook knows that food that is wholesome and delicious to start requires very little manipulation," Chef Douglas said. 

"By designing dishes with quality ingredients and thoughtful flavors, our menu considers the changing taste buds of our residents and what it takes to deliver optimum nutrition."

Throughout March, Atria residents are inspired to create nutritious habits in 30 different ways. 

Atria families and the public can also create nutritious eating habits by downloading the tool here.