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Atlantic City Man Admits to Possession of Loaded Weapons

Atlantic City

By: Yuritza Arroyo

Atlantic County authorities announced that on Tuesday, April 11, Joaquin DeJesus, 53, of Atlantic City pleaded guilty to two-counts of second-degree Certain Persons Not to Possess Firearms, in exchange for an eight-year term in New Jersey State Prison, with a five-year period of parole ineligibility.

According to authorities,on October 29, 2021, the A.C.P.D. Special Investigations Unit and SWAT Team executed a court authorized search warrant at 21 South Mansion Avenue, Apartment A-3.

Authorities say SWAT breached the door and made contact with De Jesus.

He was secured and identified as the only occupant of the residence.

Located in the residence was the following:

$1,200.00 in U.S. currency, approximately 38 clear plastic baggies containing cocaine, a rifle bag containing an AM-15 rifle packaged in parts with extended magazines, a bag containing a Colt .38 Special revolver loaded with six rounds of .38 ballpoint ammunition, a bag containing a handgun box which had a Beretta 9mm model .92 with two magazines, one with 15 rounds of hollow point ammunition and one with 15 rounds of ball ammunition, and a bag containing an MP UZI 9mm with an extended magazine.

On May 10, 2022, following a plea agreement on the above matter, DeJesus was released from detention over the State’s objection.

According to Atlantic City Police, on August 16, 2022, before DeJesus could return for his sentencing, officers executed another search warrant at Room 1039 at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlantic City.

Police say prior to execution, the target of the investigation, DeJesus, exited the hotel and was subsequently stopped entering his vehicle. DeJesus was placed in custody for an outstanding warrant and was also found in possession of cocaine packaged for distribution.

SWAT Team members executed a “No Knock” search warrant on room 1039 on the same date.

Located inside of the safe in the room was a loaded Springfield Armory 9mm handgun, cocaine, and US currency in the amount of $7,505.00.